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Old 31-03-2021, 12:48 AM
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Re: An Easy XXX Crime ?

Great share bro TS, please keep going
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Re: An Easy XXX Crime ?

Dave loved having Leona in his arms and would be willing to carry her anyplace, anytime. ‘Well here you go,’ he said with a smile. ‘When does the class end? I’ll wait here or just come back for you,’ he added giving her one last hug, enjoying the feel of her against him.

‘Are you Miss Davis?’ A tall older man asked as he reached to give her a small piece of paper. ‘I’m the professor for this class. I sent word to the Special Needs office that you didn’t have to come to class until Friday, I guess you didn’t get it.’ The man smiled. ‘I’m Mr. Talbot, the professor for the class.’

Dave laughed out. ‘I can believe that! They aren’t very good from what I’ve seen so far,’ he laughed giving Leona another hug. ‘Well, I shouldn’t pick on them, that’s how I met you!’ He said giving her a quick kiss.

‘Seems like you got a very good deal, Mr. Gannon.’ Professor Talbot laughed out. ‘But from what I’ve seen, you do work hard for everything you get!’ The man said with a smile. ‘You played with my son Harry your first year with the Mavericks. He had nothing but good things to say about you.’ Talbot sad with sadness.

Dave remembered that Harry had been shot just a month after he graduated from college. ‘I remember him.’ Dave smiled thinking back to the long legged guy and all of his funny jokes. ‘He was a great guy.’ Dave added.

‘Thank you. Well, I should get back inside and find something to do.’ Talbot said. ‘Miss Davis, Mr. Gannon, have a fine day,’ he added and went back into the room.

Dave picked Leona back into his arms. ‘So anymore classes today or can I kidnap you?’ He asked with a sly grin and hoped she didn’t have anything else to do. He really wanted to be with her and learn all about her.

‘Kidnap? Will you torture me?’ She asked with a giggle. ‘If you do, all I ask is that you help me relieve this horrible burning I have between my legs,’ she whispered. ‘I’ve had it since a date I had two weeks ago.’ Leona added and could feel her heart racing with excitement.

Dave just smiled, ‘I know the feeling!’ He laughed hugging Leona. ‘Can you imagine how I felt trying to walk?’ He looked into her pretty, blue eyes. ‘My place? My Mom won’t be home until around six tonight,’ he added moving his eyebrows up and down.

‘How sweet!’ She smiled. ‘You still live with your Mom. Most guys in your position would have a ‘love nest’ someplace,’ she giggled giving him a squeeze around his neck. ‘I think I’d like that!’ She said caressing his face. ‘Um.. Remember, I don’t want to do…you know, but you can do anything else!’ Leona said hoping Dave would still want to take her home with him. Leona knew it would be so hard to resist all of his charming ways and his soft touch. She wanted to save herself until her wedding night, no matter how hard it would be.

‘Anything!’ Dave smiled with excitement. ‘Girl, you’re in for it now!’ He smiled and started walking towards the campus parking lot, thinking of all the other wonderful things he’d like to do to Leona and her very tempting body.

‘Oh Lord!’ Leona giggled and could only dream of the many things Dave would do to her body, but she knew she would enjoy every one of them.

Dave held Leona close to his body and opened the front door. Once inside he used his foot to push it closed. ‘So, we have a really great basement or maybe you’d like to go to my room?’ He asked the pretty girl in his arms. ‘Well, I’ll show you both then you can decide for yourself,’ he added walking through the kitchen to the basement door.

Leona had a look of fear on her pretty face. ‘I’m kinda scared,’ she said looking into his eyes. ‘Last year, one of my uncles fell when he was carrying me up some stairs,’ she added squeezing Dave’s neck. She knew Dave was a top athlete, but it made her body tremble with fear. She remembered her arm in the heavy cast and not being able to do anything for herself, relying on her family to do everything for her.

‘Hey, don’t you worry. I’d never hurt you,’ he smiled and leaned to kiss her tender, excited lips. ‘I’ll just take you to my room, okay?’ He said giving her another big hug and headed towards his room. ‘Here it is!’ Dave said with pride as he pushed open the door.

Leona looked all around his room. She loved seeing all of the many awards that he had and she could see that Dave was a very clean guy. She didn’t any sign of dirty clothing or anything out of place. ‘Wow! This is very nice!’ She smiled to the handsome man that held her.

‘Thank you,’ he replied and moved to his bed. ‘I hate putting you down.’ Dave said looking into her blue eyes. ‘I love holding you. It does something to me that I can’t explain, but it feels so good!’ He held her tight and jumped in the middle of his bed.

Leona moaned out when she was over the shock of him jumping with her. ‘I’ve never made out on a waterbed before!’ She smiled. ‘Well, you’re the only guy I’ve done anything with,’ she laughed and was ready for Dave to do anything he wanted, even taking her.

‘Oh really?’ Dave teased and leaned to kiss her. There was no way Dave could close his eyes; he had to see this beautiful woman by his side. Dave wanted to see the pleasures that she felt and most of all, he just loved seeing her dazzling face.

The two lovers kissed, savoring the taste of each others flesh. Dave began to caress over Leona’s excited body, enjoying lustful sounds coming from deep inside her body. ‘Oh yes! You make me feel so good!’ Leona moaned out feeling his big hand slowly moving between her long legs.









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Old 01-04-2021, 11:41 AM
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Re: An Easy XXX Crime ?

‘Can I rub you?’ He asked and another moan came from her panting mouth. He moved lower until he felt the source of her desires and he kissed Leona with more passion. He carefully touched his beautiful, willing lover.

More soft moans escaped her mouth. ‘Oh Dave!’ Leona moaned out reaching to pull down her pants. ‘Help me, but I want to leave my panties on,’ she whispered. ‘They’ll remind me to be a ‘good girl’,’ she giggled as Dave carefully pulled down her tight pants.

‘Don’t worry. I’ll be a good boy!’ He laughed as he pulled the pants from her slender hips. He couldn't help but seeing the massive scar running from the front of her left hip around to the side of her leg. Dave gently traced his fingers over the scar, looking to Leona’s pretty face; he could see a very worried look.

Leona saw Dave looking to the very ugly scar and hoped it wouldn’t turn him off. ‘That’s from when I got hit by the car,’ she whispered in a soft voice feeling tears in her eyes. She just knew she should have only undressed for him at night. Now he would just think of a way to get her back to the dorm.

Dave smiled at her, he leaned to her hip and began to place soft, loving kisses on the ugly reminder of that day. Her heart filled with something that she had never felt in her young life, love. ‘It doesn’t bother you?’ Leona asked wiping tears from her eyes.

‘If it would have, I’d scream and run from the room,’ he reached to run his finger over her lips. ‘No, it doesn’t bother me, but this does!’ He said with a grin and reached both hands under her thin blouse, giving her bare breasts a firm squeeze. Can we take this off too?’ He asked with a smile.

Leona giggled and replied, ‘I’m all naked except for these little things,’ she moved her hand over her tiny purple panties. ‘When are you going to strip?’ She laughed, looking to Dave’s growing cock in his jeans. She wanted to hold the massive thing in her hand one more time and to suck it.

‘I’ll fix that right now!’ Dave said, standing up, kicking off his boots, pulling his shirt off and looked to see Leona gazing at his cock. ‘Oh you want these off too?’ He asked with his famous sly smile and quickly pulled down his jeans, leaving his wonderful body naked.

Leona drew in a breath of air. ‘Wow! I love that thing!’ She replied reaching to hold him in her hand. ‘I promise not be to sick if you let me suck you later,’ she laughed when she saw a worried look on his face. ‘I was drunk and you surprised me when you came!’ She added, stroking his long, thick shaft. ‘I promise,’ she whispered in a soft voice.

‘Maybe later, it’s my turn to make you cum. I didn’t get to our last time.’ he smiled moving back on the bed next to Leona. ‘Can we take this off? I really loved sucking your hot boobs!’ Dave smiled as he gently caressed her right breast through her blouse.

A moan of pleasure escaped her lips. ‘You’re going to kill me I can see it coming,’ she giggled pulling the blouse over her head. Leaving Leona’s young body naked, other than a pair of wet panties. ‘Is it possible to die from to many orgasms?’ She giggled again and watched Dave move his mouth over her excited right breast.

‘You must have a lot of faith in me,’ he laughed out. ‘You think I could orgasm you to death?’ He laughed more as he reached to kiss her soft lips, letting his hand slowly drift down her shapely body, between her long legs..

Leona caressed his face as he kissed her. ‘You make me cum just by looking at me!’ She smiled and felt tears forming in her pretty eyes and only hoped that he felt the same about her.

‘You’re a babe!’ Dave whispered moving on her young body and saw a concerned look come over her face. ‘Don’t worry! I just want to feel us together,’ he whispered slowly lowering himself on Leona’s sexy body. His chest rested on her excited breasts and his rigid cock lie against her lonely, virgin mound. Dave gasped for air when he felt the heat and wetness flowing from her. ‘After this, please address me as ‘Saint Dave!’ He laughed and slid his arms around Leona, hugging her wonderful body.

Leona giggled at his words and replied, ‘It’s so hard to resist you!’ She moaned out and felt as if she would orgasm any second. ‘Dave,’ she whispered. ‘I want to change my mind so bad!’ She began to sob. ‘I want you to be first man!’ Leona whispered again and started to move her slender hips against Dave’s straining cock.

‘Oh that feels so good!’ Dave gasped looking to her pretty face. ‘No way!’ He moaned out as he enjoyed the feel on her wetness covering his cock. ‘You told me you didn’t want to do it today and I’m not letting you,’ he said and slowly moved his hips with hers. ‘As good as this feels, I don’t think it will take either of us very long,’ he grunted and saw a blissful look cover Leona’s face.

Her arm and right leg wrapped around him. ‘Dave!’ She screamed out. ‘I’m cuming! I’m cuming! You made me cum!’ Her body shook with delight as Dave held her tightly against him, rubbing his swollen cock between her delicate folds of flesh. ‘It feels so good!’ Leona giggled as wave after wave of pleasure raced through her young body.

‘Oh shit!’ Dave moaned out, cum shot from the end of his cock like nothing he had ever felt before. This beautiful girl had him, hook, line and sinker and he didn’t know what to do about it. He could only hope that his crazy ways didn’t break her heart.









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Exclamation Re: An Easy XXX Crime ?

The two lie together, hugging and kissing. ‘Let’s take a shower. I want to hold you again and we’re kinda messy,’ he said looking down between their bodies. Dave moved off Leona and carefully pulled her into his strong arms.

‘I can’t stand very good in a shower.’ Leona replied with a sound of fear. ‘The last time I tried, I really hurt myself,’ she added with a frown and caressed his face hoping he’d understand.

He just smiled and stood with her in arms. ‘You’ll be fine. You think I’m going to let anything happen to you?’ Dave asked as he walked into the bathroom, he sat Leona on the toilet and reached to turn on the water. ‘Do you like it hot or just nice and warm?’ He asked and could see that she was still not sure of what was about to happen.

‘Just real warm will be fine,’ she replied as she tried to pull down her very wet panties. ‘I want you to know, if you were anyone else trying to make me do this, I’d be fighting and kicking!’ Leona said with a hesitant smile.

Dave laughed and pulled Leona back into his arms with her tiny panties pulled only half way down her wonderful behind. ‘Once we get in, I’ll stand you up, but I’ll not let go of you one time, okay?’ He said giving her a final hug before stepping in the warm water of the shower.

‘Oh it feels so good!’ Leona moaned as the warmth of the water ran over her trembling young body. She felt Dave shifting her and knew it was time to stand in a place that gave her the most fear she had ever known. ‘Go slow!’ She said with a shaky voice.

His strong arms gently stood her before him and slowly Dave wrapped them around her wait, just as he had promised. ‘Like it?’ He asked and could feel her slowly relaxing against him. ‘Oops!’ Dave laughed as he felt his long cock coming to like between Leona’s legs.

‘Is there a time this beautiful thing is ever soft?’ She teased enjoying the feel of it coming to life between her long legs. ‘You could kill a girl!’ Leona giggled as she leaned against him, wondering if she would be able to move her hips like she had while he was on top of her body. She cautiously moved and heard a moan of approval come from Dave.

He held Leona tighter than before as he moved with her sexy hips. ‘Who’s going to kill who?’ He moaned letting his hands slide down her wet body to her breathtaking behind. ‘It makes me so hard holding you! I’ve never felt anything so good in my life!’ He said and could feel tears of happiness and love for Leona filling his eyes. ‘I could take you so easy!’ He moaned as his cock slid faster over her wet panties.

‘Oh yes!’ She replied and reached to slide them off her slender hips. ‘Help me take off my panties, please!’ Leona begged with desperation in her sweet voice. She needed to feel him against her bare mound and she would let him take her virgin body. At last she would be a woman!

Dave stopped. ‘No! I promised I wouldn’t.’ He moaned and hoped she would understand. If she’d been anyone else, she’d already be against the wall with his long cock imbedded deep in her body, but Leona was special. He’d feel bad taking advantage of her like this.

‘Please!’ Leona begged in a ‘little girl’ voice, hoping Dave would give in to her needs. ‘I need this big, beautiful thing inside me,’ she begged more in the same tempting voice as she reached down to give his cock a loving squeeze.

Dave held her tight and could feel he was about to cum on this sexy girl. ‘Put it back on you!’ He grunted. ‘Let’s cum together!’ He said holding Leona’s tight ass and started to slowly trace on of his fingers around her little anus.

‘Oh Dave! Yes!’ Leona screamed out, as she too knew she could be orgasming on his long, thick cock in only a second. ‘Make me cum!’ She cried out as she tried to move with his amazing thrusting against her very excited pussy. ‘YES! YES!’ Leona screamed out as loud as she could as her young body released over his cock. Her body shook with delight as his powerful arms held her to the massive cock bringing her so much pleasure.

He looked into her blue eyes and saw only pleasure and love. Now he needed to cum bad. This girl was going to kill him with her body and the love he felt radiating from her. ‘Mother fucker!’ He yelled out and quickly turned her back to the wall. He began thrusting against her body harder than before. He looked into her eyes again and he knew what he wanted, he wanted deep in her virgin body using her tight pussy hard and very fast. ‘Why do you have to be so beautiful?’ He asked as he started cuming between her legs, against the cold wall of the shower and he began to weep.

‘Don’t cry!’ Leona hugged him with her arm. ‘Don’t cry, next time we’ll go all the way. I can’t wait to get you inside me,’ she whispered caressing his long, black hair. Leona knew she had a very special man and hoped he felt the same about her. As normal, her only worry would be if he could over look her disability and see her.

‘David! Do you have a woman in there?’ Dave’s mother yelled from the other side of the door. ‘When you’re finished, I want you both in the kitchen!’ She added in a very stern voice.

Dave laughed out and knew he was in for a good yelling from his Mom. ‘Guess we better get out, so I can go get my ass chewed on for awhile!’ He laughed as he reached to turn off the water.

Leona wondered what was going to happen and she knew she didn’t want Dave in trouble. ‘What will she do?’ Leona asked as he pulled her back into his arms. One around her back and one under her behind, just the way they both enjoyed so much.

‘Nothing!’ He laughed as he held her wet body close to his.









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Re: An Easy XXX Crime ?

Damn good share TS
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Re: An Easy XXX Crime ?

Dave held Leona against him as they walked into the living room to face his angry mother. ‘Hi Mom. This is Leona,’ he said with pride in his voice and hugged the beautiful girl close to him. ‘Let’s sit you here,’ he added helping her to a plush chair right across from his mom.

Jennie watched Dave help the young girl to the chair and saw something in his eyes, love. ‘So, I guess you two met up at the university?’ She asked wondering what happened to this very attractive girl. ‘I’m Jennie,’ she smiled and gave her son that motherly look that he knew he was in for a good lecture.

‘Yes!’ Leona smiled to Dave. ‘I was trying to carry a ton of books and he came to my rescue!’ Leona smiled again. ‘If it hadn’t been for him, I might still be there!’ She laughed out and saw a grin on Jennie’s face.

‘That’s my boy!’ Jennie laughed. ‘I’ve never known him to pass up a pretty thing like you!'’ Jennie said with a smile and could see that the young girl was crazy about her son. ‘Will you have dinner with us?’ Jennie asked as she stood up. ‘I’m making my world famous roast beef.’

Leona held her stomach and quickly replied, ‘Oh yes! I’d love too!’ She hadn’t had a good home cooked meal since she left home a month ago. She wasn’t used to living on fast food and pizza.

‘Great! You two come and help.’ Jennie said as she held her hand out to Leona and helped her up. ‘So, does my handsome some try to charm you like the other girls’ on campus?’ Jennie asked, as she looked to she the young girls’ face turning a nice shade of pink.

Leona could feel her face blushing. ‘I’m not sure. Every time I see him, he’s been alone or with me,’ she replied. Leona knew someone like Dave was a charmer, but she never really thought about him being with other girls’ until now.

‘Well, I hope he’s through with all them now, I know he’ll never find one as pretty and sweet as you are!’ Jennie said with a smile as the two women walked to the kitchen. Jennie always hoped David would find a girl that wanted him and not just all of the money he was sure to make playing football.

Later that night…

‘I love your Mom.’ Leona said hugging Dave’s arm as he drove towards the campus. ‘I’m starting to be like you,’ she whispered in his ear. ‘I’m so horny I feel like I could cum in my pants!’ She giggled reaching between Dave’s legs to caress his growing cock shaft.

Dave laughed at her and enjoyed her soft hand. ‘Maybe we can fix that for you!’ He added slipping his hand on her burning little pussy. ‘Damn! You are a little warm down here!’ He added and unzipped her pants. ‘Lift up a little,’ he whispered and carefully slid down her pants, until he could see Leona’s panties.

‘You better be careful! She teased. ‘A person shouldn’t be driving while he’s playing with a girls’ pussy!’ She giggled and felt his hand easing under her wet panties. Two of his skilled fingers gently moved down the center of her desire, until they were at the one place Leona needed pleased. ‘Oh my God!’ Leona cried out as he entered her tiny body.

Dave just smiled, slowly moving deeper inside, enjoying Leona’s tightness squeezing his fingers. Her soft moans of pleasure filled the car as he drove down the darkened streets of the city. Leona’s wetness ran from her body covering his fingers, Dave carefully began to move them in and out of her with great care.

‘Oh Dave!’ She moaned, trying to spread herself for him, but couldn’t. She wanted to give him total access to do anything and everything he wanted to do. ‘It’s so good!’ Leona gasped out knowing she would be orgasming on his fingers any second. Her right hand covered his, shoving it against her throbbing pussy. ‘Oh yes!’ Leona screamed out as the most powerful orgasm she had ever felt rushed through her young body. ‘Make me cum!’ She screamed again enjoying his fingers pumping in and out of her orgasming body. ‘Oh yes! I love you! I love you!’ Leona moaned out as she fell against Dave.

He couldn’t believe what she had said. He wasn’t sure how to reply, he had feelings for her, but he wasn’t sure if it was love or something else. ‘I guess that means it was good?’ He asked hoping that she didn’t expect him to say he loved her.

Leona truly wanted Dave to say he loved her, but she knew how men were when it came to saying such things. All she could do was hope that someday very soon he would commit his love to her. ‘Oh yes! I’ll be lucky if I can walk,’ she giggled, but she really wanted to cry.

• • • • • • E N D • • • • • •
















New Story Cumming Soooon! Stay Tuned....
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Exclamation Re: An Easy XXX Crime ?

Selected Short story (New)

My Alana Dearie

Have you ever been in love so bad, your bones hurt. You think of the person day and night. They get in your brain, in your blood and in your soul. You dream of them, dreams of passionate love making.

Well, I've felt that way about one of the most beautiful, caring, and loving persons for most of my life. She's been there for me since the day I was born. No, it's not my mother. But, my beautiful sister, Alana. She's ten years older than me. She has been my sister, my mother, my best friend, and secret love.

When my mother was carrying me, she drank booze, did drugs, and any other thing she could. She didn't want me, she wanted the man that shot his load in her belly. When he turned her down, she hated me from the minute I was born.

That's when, Alana, and I met. Nothing my mother did for me as a baby would comfort me. Alana, could walk into the room and people say I would start to smile, and wait for her to hold me, love me. She was always the one to soothe me, not our drunken mother.

Do to the fact my mother drank, and did so many drugs while she was carrying me, I turned out to be sick most of my life. One health problem after the other. There was always something wrong with me. My, Alana, was always there holding me, making me feel better. Every night she would cuddle me against her warm body.

Every day after school, Alana, would run home as fast as she could, knowing our mother hadn't done anything for me. I'd be laying in the same diaper, Alana, had put on me before she left for school. And, I was never fed.

The years went by so fast. Alana, grew into the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life. She stands five foot eleven inches tall. Wonderful, light blue eyes that could melt ice. Her light brown hair goes just past her shoulders, and it has streaks of blonde running through it.

Alana, has a good medium build. Her breast are a very nice size 36d.d. She has a sexy flat tummy that I've laid my head on many, many times over the years.

I guess the part of her body I love the most is, her firm hips and sexy bottom. Her hip bones stick out so nice, when she wears a bikini or panties around the house I can't help getting hard. One other thing I just about forgot about, her wonderful long, lean legs. Alana, could have been a model with little or no effort.

About the time, Alana, turned 18, mom met a man that was a pretty good guy. He made sure I was taken care of or mom would catch hell from him. One of his favorite things to do was dump out mom's booze if she hadn't done anything for me.

Alana, had been working since she turned 15, and had saved enough money to get her own place. That was a day that broke my heart.

"You can't move," tears formed in my eyes, "I need you."

"Come on don't cry," she caressed my back, "Jerry, you can come see me every time I'm off from work."

I was crying harder, "Don't go. I need you Sissy."

By then, Alana, was crying, too, "Please don't, this is killing me. You know I love you. You can come see me a lot."

Alana, held me against her breast, rocking me until I had calmed down. She left that day breaking my heart in two. I was OK the next day, she came and took me to her new place. We had so much fun that day. It was like she had been gone a year and it had only been one night.

I ended up moving in with, Alana, a few months later. Mom's boy friend moved out, and, Alana, didn't think it would be safe me staying with mom.

She had a very small place with only one bedroom. So, we shared her bed for years. We would hug and cuddle at night just like we when I was a baby. I had always thought of, Alana, as a sister or mother, until I turned 18.

It was late one hot, steaming summer night. I had to get up and pee. When I started to get back in our bed is when my love for my sister changed. A light from the street shined across, Alana's, body. Displaying her wonderful body.

Her little night shirt was up to her neck. Exposing her full breast to my view. Her areola circles were a very soft pink, that blended into her breast like a fine oil painting. Her nipples looked like little pearls and they where very hard.

I know it was wrong but, I couldn't help myself. I started tracing around her wonderful nipples with my finger tips. Her flesh was so warm, soft, and inviting, making me touch her more. Slowly my fingers began to caress her tender nipples, gently rolling them in my fingers.

Alana's, back ached and she moaned, "oh yes…"

I jumped out of my skin until, I realized she was still sleeping. I moved my fingers down her long sexy body, stopping at her deep belly button. I again traced little circles around it. All I could think was, how nice it would be to lick it with my tongue. Again, she moaned softly.

Then I had a decision to make, to move to her tender sex or stop while I was ahead. I thought for one second, my hand moved between her long, slender legs. I moved my head to lay on her tummy. I did this all the time. Alana would caress my head and face as I laid on her. I cupped her damp love mound with my hand. Her heat soaked into my hand, along with her wetness. My nose picked up her scent, I moved my face lower. I needed to smell her, the sweet fragrance pulled me closer to her wet love. I had been with her all my life, but I had never smelled anything like this.

I put my nose against her, and inhaled as deep as I could. Her smell rushed up my nose, and into my brain. My head began to spin as I took in her aroma. Closer, and closer I moved my inflamed nose between her legs. I had to get all of her scent. It had me in it's power.

I moved my fingers across her swollen clit, "Oh my God. Yes, yes." Alana, called out in her sleep as her hips pushed into my hand.

I pulled away from her as fast as I could, turning on my side, acting like I was sleeping. I fell asleep until morning. When I awoke I was facing, Alana's, back. My cock was at full hardness, pressing into the crack of her glorious ass. My arm was around her thin waist, with my hand holding her tender breast.

I tried to move away from her, only having her pulling me closer to her. Alana, pushed her warm bottom into my stiff cock, while her hand pushed my fingers on her nipples. It was a great morning. From then on I never knew how we would wake up in the morning.

Most of the time, my cock would be buried in the crack of her ass. Other times she would be laying her head on my waist, with her mouth only inches from my hurting cock. Alana's, hot breath on my cock turned me on so much. Many times she would be dreaming, panting for air making me even harder. My cock pole would press on her mouth, as she dreamed her lips would touch me.

It was my 18th. Birthday, "So, baby brother, what do you want for your birthday present?"

I thought to myself, "A night of love making with you, would be nice." But, I told her, "How about a date with my beautiful sister." I pulled her into my arms, hugging her tight.

"MMMmmm that would be nice," she pushed her hips into mine, "you sure did turn into a great looking man." She placed a soft kiss on my lips.

"What shall I wear for you, birthday boy?" She ask with a sexy smile.

"How about….no, you wouldn't." I said.

"What? Anything you want, I'll wear." Alana said, as she ran her fingers through my thick, black hair.

"How about…. Your short, short mini skirt." I said.

She giggled and hugged me, "I should have known, the way you look at me when I wear it."

"Shit, can you blame me. You look so sexy I wish you weren't…." I stopped talking.

"You wish I weren't what?" Alana, gave me a firm motherly look.

"I wish you weren't my sister." I felt like I was going to die telling her that. But, I wanted her so bad.

"You know brother's and sister's can have fun together." She said, looking into my eyes.

I just made a funny face and said, "Yeah sure."

"OK, I guess I'll show you tomorrow night," She said, "I'm taking a shower and heading to bed. Are you going soon?"

"I'll meet you there sexy lady," I patted her ass, "I'm going to find out how fun sister's can be."

"You should already know how I feel." She stated.

"What in the heck are you talking about." I ask.

"How do I put this? The last three years or so… your night time 'petting me'. It has been so fun." She giggled.

"What? I…" I couldn't talk.

Alana just smiled, "It's fine, I've love it as much as you do." And she headed off to take her shower.

I waited in bed for my lovely sister, then she came into our room. Only wearing a sexy smile, and a very small pair of pink panties. She turned around in a circle, giving me a good look at her. The panties looked a size to small. They just did cover her sex. Alana's wonderful ass ran out the sides of the small panties.

"How do I look?" she smiled moving to the bed laying on her side. Her back was towards me, "hold me like you do at night, when you think I'm sleeping."
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Re: An Easy XXX Crime ?

I moved against her soft, warm body. My arm across her waist," Bullshit, like you really do at night. I need you to hold me, Jerry. Pull your 'thing' out and caress my breast."

I pulled my hard cock out, running it between her long legs, "Oh yes, that's it. That's my boy."

"Your boy?" I ask, kinda pissed off.

She turned to face me, "I didn't mean it in a bad way. I…I just.."

I cut in, "What tell me Sis. It's OK."

She had little tears forming in her pretty blue eyes, "I've raised you sence the day mom brought you home. I feel like you're my…. My."

I hugged her close, as she cried, "I feel like you're my… son."

"Oh Sis, you feel that to. So many times I've wanted to hug you and call you, Mom."

We held each other so close hugging, and caressing each other. We fell asleep in each others arms. As we had done so many times before. But, tonight I held my new 'Mother'. Tomorrow night there was a good chance she would be my lover.

The next morning I woke up with, Alana, laying across my hips. Her sexy love mound was pressed into my thigh. I could feel her wetness and heat coming through her thin panties. Her breast filled my hands, I gently touched her nipples.

"Oh baby brother. You're killing me. But, I love it." Alana said, looking into my eyes.

I turned to face her, my cock found it's way between her legs, "You are so pretty," I kissed her on the lips, "and I must say, very nice, and wet today." I moved my cock on her pussy.

"You better watch out, mister," she pushed into my hard cock, "Mommy will give you a good spanking."

"I almost forgot about that." I said.

Alana, pushed more on my cock, "MMMM I never, I like you calling me Mom. It… umm it…"

"It what, Mommy?" I grabbed her hips, "what does it do Mommy?"

"It makes me," she kissed me, "it makes me burn inside. You're like my little boy. I've raised you from a baby, now you hold me, like I'm your sexy lover."

I kissed her, "Mommy, you are my sexy lover." I moved on top of her. My cock went to her panty covered, pussy slit.

"PLEASE, don't call me that any more." She begged.

"Why Mommy? Does it make you burn, Mommy?" I teased.

"Yes. It does. Please, stop." Her hips thrust upward.

"But, Mommy. I love calling you, Mommy." I started moving my cock up and down her slit.

"Oh don't, please stop," her hips moved faster, "you're so big, my baby boy."

"It's all for my, Mommy." I moved faster against her.

"STOP. STOP." Her hips bucked under me.

"Go for it, Mommy. Cum on me, Mommy." I pushed my hard cock on her more.

"Oh Jerry. Oh I'm cumming. I'm cumming."

"Go Mommy, cum on your baby boy."

"YES. YES. YES." She screamed as her body erupted on my cock.

Her body exploded, having a great orgasm. I held her as she shook with delight. She bit her bottom lip as she came. Her soft sexy eyes squeezed shut. Little moans of ecstasy, filled the room.

We held each other most of the morning. Her calling me her 'baby boy' and me calling her my 'Mommy'. It was great seeing each other in this new light. I thought about our upcoming night. What would we be calling each other, after our date.

Later that evening, I started getting ready for my date with, Alana. All I could think about was, being inside my beautiful sister. The wonderful girl that raised me, the girl that turned into a gorgeous woman. The woman I wanted to be my lover.

I sat in our living room, waiting for Alana. Trying to visualize what she would look like. Her long legs in the mini skirt always looked so good. She would always wear black, sheer stockings and four inch high heels.

Then, at last she walked into the room. Looking just like I had dreamed and better. Alana's long, smooth legs filled my eyes. Tonight, she had worn Fish Net stockings. Her long, fine legs filled my eyes. So many times I had gotten hard seeing her legs. Tonight I would take her legs, and Alana, as my woman.

"Oh you look so sexy," I said, pulling, Alana, into my arms, "so sexy I might just keep you here at home. I don't want anybody else seeing you. You're mine tonight."

"I'm always yours," she kissed my lips, "I've been yours since the first day I ever saw you."

"I love you," I said, as I drove my tongue deep in her warm mouth. My hands found their way under her skirt, "I want you so bad. I want to be inside you. I want you to cum on my cock, Mommy."

Alana moaned, "Oh yes, call me Mommy, Please. Love me, take me, anything you want."

I turned on some soft music and dimmed the lights, "Come my sweet sister," we moved to the music. Our bodies pressed together as tight as we could get, "I've waited for this night so long."

"Yes, I've seen you grow into a fine looking man. It's been so hard not raping you," Alana, caressed my face as she went on talking, "all the nights you played with me. Touching me, setting me on fire. I'm wet 24 hours a day for you."

I caressed, Alana's, ass and her wonderful stocking covered thighs then, replied, "You know what I liked the most when I touched you?"

"What baby?" She ask.

"When I put my hard cock between your long, silky legs. You were always so warm and wet. All I could think about was what it would be like going inside you."

We moved to the music, "Soon, you'll know how I feel inside and I'll know what a man feels like."

I had a shocked looked on my face, and ask, "Alana, are you a virgin?"

A little smile came across her face as she replied, "Yes. I've been waiting for you."

I hugged her to me, "This is going to a the best night of my life."

"Mine too." Alana, took my hand, and lead me to our bedroom. She laid across our bed, and softly said, "Do anything you want to me."

I striped off my clothes, exposing my hard manhood to, Alana. Her soft blue eyes watched as it swung back, and forth as I moved towards her. I laid on her warm body, placing my hardness on her panty covered pussy.

"Oh you're such a big boy. Mommy, is going to enjoy that big long thing." Alana purred.

"And I'm going to enjoy being in my, Mommy," I began kissing her and moving my cock across her wet mound, "Mommy's, getting so wet. I'm going to slide inside you so easy."

"Oh yes you will, my new son." She purred.

I began kissing her neck while my hands freed her big breast. I rolled her hard nipples between my fingers as I kissed, and sucked her neck. Gradually I moved my mouth to her nipples, taking one into my mouth gently sucking it as I rolled it with my lips.

"Oh yes. Suck it, suck baby boy. Make Mommy cum." Alana, begged me.

I slid down her long, slender body until my face was on her wet love mound. My tongue began licking her panties as my hands caressed her firm bottom. Little by little I licked the length of her pussy. Making sure I flicked her hard little clit. Teasing her as much as I could.

Slowly pulled her wet panties down knowing it wouldn't be long before I would take her. My sister, my new Mother, and now my lover. I had waited so long for this day, and soon my dreams would be fulfilled.

Spreading her long, silky legs exposing her extraordinary sex. The spot I had been teasing for so long. The sex I played with so many nights. The spot I had so many great dreams about.

My tongue moved to her, licking her wetness. The taste was overwhelming, like nothing I had ever know. A taste that I loved, the taste of my sister. A taste that I would be coming back for many, many times.

Her back arched as I sucked Alana's virgin pussy lips into my mouth. Teasing them with my tongue, she went wild. Her hips began pushing into my face. Alana, wrapped her long legs around my head, shoving my mouth and face into her pussy.

"Make me cum. Please." Alana moaned, as her hips thrashed against my face.

"Not yet sister… I mean Mommy. I'm going inside you. I want you to cum on my hard, thick cock."

"Oh yes. Hurry, hurry. I'm going to blow up." Alana said.

I moved up to her face, and I placed my cock to her opening, "I love you my sweet Mommy." And I pushed through her virgin flower. At last she was mine.

"OH BABY, YES. OH MY SWEET BABY BOY." Alana screamed.

Her insides were like hot, wet silk wrapped around my cock. She was my first woman but, I knew she was special. Her pussy muscles welcomed me by squeezing me like one hundred fingers playing with my cock.

Our hips moved together as one. We kissed as we brought our selves closer to the final act. Orgasming together, her body cumming on my cock, and my cock filling her with my seeds.

Then it began, "I'M CUMMING, YOU MADE ME CUM." Alana's screams filled the once silent room.

"Cum, my sexy Mother. Cum on my cock. I want to feel you cum on me."

Her hips thrashed, and bucked under me so fast, I had to hold her down. I slammed my cock in, and out of her body as fast as I could. She was my woman now, it was my duty to please her. To make all her dreams come true.

Alana's, hips pushed into my cock as it went into her deepest depths. It filled her body as full as it could be. Filling her with my cock, her brothers cock.

"Oh yes. Take me, use me." Alana moaned, as her hips gyrated around my stiff cock. Her wonderful love muscles caressed my pole as her orgasm ran through her body.

"Yes, Mommy. Yes, I'll use you. I'll make you mine," I said as my cock continued to please her wonderful body. "Oh, Oh I'm cumming. Mommy I'm cumming."

Alana, squeezed me to her, "Yes. Give me your love. Fill me with your seeds. Your hot cum," Her hips matched my moves, making my orgasm last longer, and so much more exciting. "Come on. Fill Mommy up."

Alana and I make love every chance we have. Our love sessions will last for hours. Our bodies will collapse from fatigue. Things really heated up when, Alana's, belly started to swell with our baby.


TBC new story soon....
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Re: An Easy XXX Crime ?

WOW !!! this is one of the best story thread I ever read in 60 years. Good narrative with amazing pics. Please keep posting at your convenient pace.

A BIG thank you to you, bro/sis JEMMA.
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Re: An Easy XXX Crime ?

Fantastic story TS. Cannot wait for next story!
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Talking Re: An Easy XXX Crime ?

Another Exciting Incest/Taboo story......

Dream With AMANDA

He sat at his computer in shock. 'How in the hell could someone write a story about fucking their own daughter?' he thought continuing to read and something came to him, his cock was harder than it had been in years. 'Damn!' he said looking down to his swollen member. 'You like this shit do you?' he laughed enjoying the feel of being so hard again.

He hadn't had a good hard-on in five years and figured it was his age creeping up on him. But, after reading a few of the stories on the web site, he quickly realized his cock was fine and wanted something different. He thought of his daughter. 'I wonder if she'd fuck an old man?' he laughed thinking of her long brown hair and her cute, little eighteen-year-old ass. His cock got harder thinking of Amanda in their pool the day before. 'Damn!' he moaned reaching down to give it a hard squeeze. 'It'd be nice if we could get her to help with this,' he whispered thinking of the shy girl and her legs wrapped around his hips.

'Daddy, it's time for dinner.' Amanda said tapping on the door, wondering why her father locked the door of his den. 'Come on, before it gets cold,' she added waiting for him to reply.

'Okay, baby,' he yelled, hoping his cock would go down. It would be just a tad hard to explain to his daughter why his cock was so hard. 'Oh nothing really, I was just thinking of fucking some young girl,' he laughed to himself and figured what the hell. Amanda was always sitting on him, hugging him and wore some skimpy things around the house. If she did happen to notice, he'd just tell her that he needed to get laid. He saved the web site, put out his cigarette and walked to the door. 'Hi pretty girl,' he winked looking down to her large D cup breasts, his cock started to grow once again, and didn't care. It felt good.

'What are you doing in there?' she teased in a motherly voice, noticing that he was smiling and something seemed different about him.

He glanced at her breasts again, hoping that she wore her favorite nightshirt to bed later. He loved seeing her in small things and after reading that story, he was going to start enjoying looking at her. 'Nothing. Just paying a few bills. I must have locked the door on accident,' he smiled putting his arm around her and walked to the kitchen. 'So, what's for dinner?' he asked moving behind her rounded ass, pinning her between him and the stove.

Amanda felt him against her and a warm rush quickly covered her body. She loved touching him anyway possible and he seemed so different today. 'I fixed you a thick steak and a salad,' she replied turning her head to smile and she felt it. Her Daddy's cock was as hard as a rock and it was pushing in the crack of her ass. 'Whatever you were doing in the den, please keep it up,' she thought enjoying his stiff cock pushing against her.

'A man couldn't ask for a better daughter,' he whispered in her ear, ran his arms around her as tight as he could, kissed her neck and was sure that Amanda moaned.

'Thank you,' she purred savoring his cock on her ass and him hugging her so tightly, wondering what was going on. They hugged and kissed as father and daughter, but she'd never felt him hard until now.

He pushed on her a little harder, flexed his cock and walked to sit at the table. 'How was your day?' he asked lighting a cigarette, hoping Amanda enjoyed him being hard, because from now on he didn't care. If he got hard while they were hugging or when she sat on his lap, he was going to enjoy it and hoped that just maybe she would too.

'It was okay,' she said thinking of his long, thick cock on her ass just a few moments ago and how magnificent it felt. She could only wonder if it was for her or someone else. She had a few dirty thoughts of him in the past, but it was always because of a friend talking about fucking him. 'How about yours?' she turned to see his dark eyes were looked on her tight blue, spandex shorts. 'God, he's checking out my ass!' she thought with a hint of excitement running through her young body, as she walked towards him with his dinner plate.

'It was pretty good,' he smiled watching her full breasts swaying back and forth as she moved closer to him. 'So, what do you want to do tonight?' he asked watching her nipples growing right before his eyes and he realized he should look up to her pretty face.

'I guess the same thing we do every night.' Amanda replied hoping that his cock would be as hard later on. She knew that she'd be wearing her small, white top and her tiny pair of blue, bikini panties for him. He was this hard today; he'd be just as hard when he saw her wearing that. 'A movie and then bed,' she added thinking of his cock nice and hard while they sat watching a movie hugging each other.

'Sounds good to me,' he smiled giving her full breasts another look, seeing that her nipples were swollen. 'I like it when we watch movies together,' he said looking up into her pretty; green eyes and saw a little sparkle in them.

'I do too,' she smiled seeing his eyes on her breasts, thinking of all the times they hugged and snuggled so close. So close in fact that people would think they were doing things together and they never did it when her friend Britney stayed the night. 'Two new ones came in the mail today. They both look very good to me.' Amanda said as she sat across from him, making sure not to block his view of her breasts.

'I ordered one that I wasn't sure of. It's some kind of old slasher movie from the late seventies,' he said remembering that it was rated 'R' and had lots of heavy sex scenes in it. 'They might be old, but I think their better than the shit they make now,' he added cutting a piece of his steak and put it in his mouth. 'Mmmm, damn girl!' he moaned with pleasure. 'I might not let you go to college next year,' he said giving her a wink and couldn't resist looking at her nipples again.

'I gather that you like it?' Amanda smiled taking a bite of her own, wondering what had come over him. He was flirting with her and it was making her tingle all over. She'd never hung out with many guys or been on a serious date, but she knew what was going on.

'I love it!' he said looking into her eyes and down the front of her body and didn't care if she saw him or not. 'Oh, you're turning out to be a great cook!' he smiled giving her a wink, hoping that tonight would be one to remember.

Amanda felt her face turning red as he told her what a wonderful cook she was and he was checking out her nipples. 'Thank you, Daddy,' she smiled wondering if his cock was hard or not. From the way he was looking at her, Amanda was sure he'd be harder than ever.

She finished brushing her long, brown hair; made sure her top was straight, gave her nipples a tiny pinch, caressed her burning pussy and made her way to the family room. All the lights in the house were off, except for a warm glow coming from the family room. Amanda walked in, covered her mouth and couldn't believe what she was seeing. He had a thick, furry blanket on the sofa. Candles were placed all around and he had a bottle of wine sitting in a bucket of ice.
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Re: An Easy XXX Crime ?

'Wow, someone sure has been busy,' she smiled, watching him turn and she was sure his eyes were going to pop from his head. He looked up, down and all over, her body and she loved it. That's when Amanda saw his cock practically jump straight up in the air in his silk boxers.

He looked at Amanda and felt his cock growing faster than at any time in his life. He looked at her breasts under the small, white shirt; her nipples were harder than ever and looked so good. He slowly looked down her beautiful, young body and eyes were drawn to Amanda's powder blue panties. 'My god!' he moaned walking towards her with his raging cock leading the way. 'You are so gorgeous!' he smiled walking to hug her. 'Damn, you're beautiful girl,' he whispered pushing it down and moved against her.

'Thank you, Daddy!' Amanda moaned, trembling in his powerful arms, wondering if she should run away or stay against him, enjoying his massive cock crushed into her burning, virgin pussy. All the years of wondering what it would fell like to have a horny man against her were over, but the horny man, was her Daddy. His long and very hard cock smashed into her burning, young pussy, sending wave after wave of the most breathtaking feelings rushing over her. Feelings of need to be pleasured, but he was her Daddy and Amanda knew things like that weren't natural.

He held her tight, enjoying her wonderful breasts smashed on his chest and her hot pussy on his stiffened cock. He knew that should end right now, but her trembling, excited body held him in a trance. He couldn't keep his hands from Amanda's body and her excited flesh. He caressed all over her back and slowly moved down to the edge of her small panties, wondering if he should go lower. There was no way that he wanted to ruin his love with Amanda. He gave her a small kiss on her forehead and pulled away.

'Would you like a glass of wine?' he asked pouring her a glass and turned to see his young daughter staring at his swollen cock. 'I'm sorry baby,' he said with a red face, trying to cover it and he noticed a very sexy smile move over her face.

'It's okay, Daddy. A girl loves knowing that she can turn on the man that loves her,' she replied feeling her nipples were so close to exploding. She took the glass from him and moved to sit on the sofa. 'Come sit with me,' she said looking up to his cock, thinking of how easy it would be for him to stand in front of her and suck it dry. Amanda had always dreamt of sucking cock. She loved sucking big pickles, bananas and her little toy she got last year, but this one was real and it was her, Daddy's. He was so hard and Amanda knew that it was for her and she loved it.

He wasn't sure if he should even be in the same room with her or not, but the womanly look of lust on Amanda's beautiful face drew him to her. His heart raced as he sat down next to her and again he couldn't help looking at Amanda's swollen nipples. 'You are so pretty,' he whispered slowly looking up to her face.

'Do you think I'm pretty or do you mean theses?' she asked with a smile, moving her hands down and ran a finger over each of her excited nipples. She watched his eyes widen and wished it was his fingers touching them, but he was her, Daddy. Daddy's didn't do things like that to their daughters', did they?

He watched Amanda touching her nipples and couldn't believe how hard she was making him. She slowly traced around them with her index finger, teasing her darkened areola circles as she looked into his eyes. 'Are you trying to kill me?' he asked with a wink and a smile. Amanda turned into a very sexy, young lady and it was going to be very difficult to stay away from her.

'I'd never do anything like that,' she whispered reaching one arm around him and the other for her glass of wine. 'What movie are we going to watch first?' Amanda asked wishing that it would be one of the movies he kept hidden in his room.

He handed her the cover and pushed play on the remote control. 'It looks okay. I saved the 'R' rated one for last,' he smiled putting his arm around Amanda and knew this should stop. He didn't want to fuck up the love that they shared.

Amanda shifted her ass closer to him, enjoying the feel of him against her body and she quickly looked to see that he was still hard, hard for her. She knew this wasn't right, but as long as it was just some touching and petting, it would be fine. 'I love being with you,' she said looking to his handsome face, wondering if he had thoughts of doing her. If so, Amanda wasn't sure if she could resist him or not, she loved him as a father and wondered if she could also love him as a man.

He smiled, hugged her tighter and replied, 'I love being with you too, baby,' and he held her as the movie began.

They drank wine, enjoyed being so close together and laughed as the movie ended. 'I hope the next one is a little better than this one was.' Amanda giggled and a wonderful thought filled her half-drunken mind. 'I'll change the disk,' she said standing up, walked towards the TV and knew his eyes were looking at her ass. She made sure to add a little more sway in her hips, hoping that her Daddy was enjoying her little show.

He watched Amanda's great ass wiggling with each of her steps, having a good idea that she was enjoying it just as much as he was watching her. 'Little teaser,' he said to himself as she bent straight over. 'Damn girl!' he blurted out, enjoying her firm ass pointing to his face and he felt his cock quickly growing in his shorts.

Amanda turned her head and knew he had to be going crazy. Her ass was bent over giving him a great view of it and her tiny, blue panties were deep in her crack. 'What?' she asked in a teasing, little girl voice, know exactly what she was doing to her Daddy and his big, long cock.

'What my ass!' he laughed flexing his stiffened cock, not caring if she saw it or not. Amanda was still a young girl, but she was playing a woman's' game and now he only hoped he could resist her teasing. 'I should give that hot thing a good spanking,' he added looking at her great ass, wondering how it would feel rubbing his stiff cock in her deep crevice. He loved rubbing his cock into a woman's ass since his first girl many years ago and tonight was no different. Amanda's ass was beautiful. Nice and round with a deep crevice and his stiff cock wanted to be against it.

'Daddy wants to spank me?' Amanda teased in a 'little girls' voice that she knew would drive him crazy. 'I'll be Daddy's good little girl,' she whispered reaching her hand to her mouth and began to suck her thumb as she slowly walked towards him. 'Please don't spank me, Daddy,' she said in a soft voice, making sure to stick out her lower lip and went back to sucking her thumb.

He watched Amanda and could not believe what she was doing to his cock. 'You keep this shit up and I might do a little more than spank you,' he said in his fatherly voice than Amanda knew he meant business, and was only used when she was in trouble.

Amanda loved the idea that she was turning on her Daddy this much and it was also getting her tiny pussy so wet, she was surprised her juices weren't running down her thighs. 'Oh come on, Daddy. You love it and you know it,' she said with a smile sitting beside him and couldn't help but notice his long cock was hard again. Now she just had to think of a way to get as close to it as she could and it came to her. She grabbed a pillow, put it over his lap, laid down and put her head on it, hoping that he'd let her stay.

She was lying on her side, giving him a great view of her right tit and he could feel his big cock growing harder. He couldn't believe Amanda's head was only a few inches from his raging cock, only separated by some cheep pillow that came from Wal-mart. He moved his hand over her side, just a few inches from her tit, as the second movie began. His fingers rested on her warm, tender flesh, sending more excitement through his body and to his already, swollen cock.

Amanda lie motionless as his hand moved on her body, praying that he'd touch her breast, but he was her Daddy and Daddy's didn't do things like that to their daughters'. Blood raced through her veins, her young heart pounded with excitement and her head was spinning. 'I love it when you touch me, Daddy.' Amanda whispered turning her head to give him a smile and didn't realize that the pillow had slipped, until she felt his cock on her ear. 'Oh my God!' she said to herself, wondering if he'd fix the pillow or just leave it the way it was. 'Please leave it,' she thought enjoying his extremely hard cock touching her, wishing his shorts were off. 'Only a few more inches and Daddy's cock will be right on my face.' Amanda smiled to herself and couldn't help but stretching out her body.

'Oh shit!' he thought feeling the side of Amanda's warm face on his cock shaft. 'How and the fuck did I ever let this go so far?' he thought again, but she felt so good against him. It had been so long since a woman touched him and this young woman was his very sexy daughter and that made it even more exciting. He reached for his drink and the pillow slid more. 'Oh no!' he thought as the pillow fell to the floor. This was it; other than a pair of silk boxers, his cock was completely against Amanda's gorgeous face.

She couldn't breathe, her heart pounded harder than ever and she was close to fainting. 'What should I do?' Amanda asked herself as the heat from his shaft radiated through his thin shorts, to her face. 'Could you reach my drink, Daddy?' she asked turning her head towards him, wondering what he was thinking and when she saw his eyes closed, she knew he was loving it just as much as she was.

He jumped from his trance and reached to get her glass. 'Here ya go, baby,' he smiled reaching the glass to her, hoping that she could drink it without moving from where she was. She was his flesh and blood, but she was also a woman that was driving him crazy with lust. He watched as she lifted her head just enough to sip her wine, never moving from his cock. 'That's my girl,' he said to himself as her pretty eyes looked to him with love.

'Thank you, Daddy,' she purred handing him the glass, shifted her body closer to him and gently rested her face back on his swollen cock shaft. 'I wish I had the nerve to just reach in, pull it out and suck it dry.' Amanda thought enjoying it on her face, praying it would find its way out of the shorts and to her panting mouth.

He just looked down, enjoying Amanda's body against his, her big breasts in plane view, her beautiful ass in a small pair of panties and her face on his hard cock. What more could a guy ask? Lots of things, like turning on her stomach and sucking him dry or climbing on him and fucking his brains out, but the same thought filled his mind she was his daughter.

'You are so pretty,' he smiled caressing down Amanda's side to her stomach, enjoying the young girls' smiling face and her trembling under his fingers.

'Thank you, Daddy,' she whispered in a loving voice, thinking of turning on her back, giving him the opportunity to touch her anyplace he wanted, but she wouldn't be able to feel him on her face. She thought of him fondling her breasts, caressing her excited pussy and doing anything else he wanted. 'Fuck it!' she thought turning on her back and slightly spread her legs, knowing his dark eyes would be looking to her very wet and excited pussy.

He looked over Amanda's body and was lost. She was his baby and she was driving him crazy. His cock was harder than it had been in years and it felt so good, but he couldn't fuck her. He caressed over her stomach and quickly felt her breathing increase. 'She's enjoying this just as much as I am,' he thought wishing he could do more, but that same thought filled his mind.

Amanda just laid there; enjoying her Daddy's loving hand caressing her stomach, wishing that he'd go lower, to her burning pussy. 'Touch it, Daddy,' she thought looking up to his face with need. 'Please touch me!' she thought stretching out as far as she could, making sure that her left leg was hanging over the side of the sofa and her right one was spread as wide as she could get it, giving him a great view of her panty-covered pussy.

He looked over her and knew what she wanted, but there was no way in hell he could do it. She was his baby, his daughter. He pulled his hand from her, reached for his drink, and heard a moan of disapproval come from Amanda. He slowly drank, watching her young, exciting body, enjoying her full breasts moving up and down as she breathed in and out. 'It's a fucking shame that some ass-hole had to make it illegal to fuck a relative,' he thought watching over her, wishing he could sink his cock deep into her body and that's when things really began to heat up.



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Re: An Easy XXX Crime ?

The sounds of two people making out filled both their ears. A couple in the movie was stripping off each other's clothes and they were getting it on. He sucked her big, full tits like some animal and the young girl under him was going wild screaming for more. He tore off her panties, climbed on her and they were off. Her fake screams were awesome as the man moved back and forth, acting as if he was fucking her.

'Do you think he's really doing her?' Amanda asked, biting her lower lip, wondering what it would feel like having a hard cock up her pussy, fucking the shit out of her.

He looked down and the look on her face was heavenly. She looked like a girl in love and a girl that needed loved. 'I doubt it,' he replied moving his hand back to her stomach and began caressing in small circles. He watched the movie, enjoying the young actress and forgot that he was touching Amanda.

She felt his big, strong hand moving over her, up and down her body until it moved under her left breast. She took a long, slow deep breath, praying he would touch it and that's when he squeezed. 'Oh yes!' she softly moaned arching her back up, hoping he'd keep watching the movie and not realizing what he was doing.

He watched the sexy young actress moaning and groaning, wishing that it were he on top of her fucking her for real. His cock grew harder and the moans seamed so real, it was amazing. 'Fuck her little ass,' he whispered stroking his cock with his left hand while the other was caressing a nice, round tit. He thought for a second and it came to him. 'Oh shit!' he said turning his head to see his own hand caressing Amanda's beautiful right breast. But, she had her pretty eyes closed and was going absolutely wild at his touch. 'Should I stop? This has to be a dream. There's no way she'd be letting me do this shit for real.' he said himself enjoying the feel of her warm, tender flesh under his fingers. 'Oh fuck it!' he laughed and continued touching her excited nipple.

Amanda was out of control as her handsome Daddy's fingers toyed with her aching nipple. Now she could only hope that he'd do more. She wanted to feel him touching her tiny pusy so badly, but how in the heck could she get his big hand down to it? She continued to squirm under him, enjoying his skilled fingers tormenting her nipples until she felt something so wonderful on the side of her face, that it took her breath away. Her Daddy's big, long cock was out of his shorts and only an inch from her mouth. She slowly turned her body to face him. 'Oh yes!' Amanda cried as his stiff shaft fell against her warm, excited mouth. She began to place soft, loving kisses all over his shaft and when he fell back on the sofa, she knew he was hers.

He could believe the wonderful things running through his body as the beautiful actress kissed and suckled his raging cock. This had to have been the best dream that he'd ever had in his life. He turned to lie down and a pleasant scent crept up his nose. 'Oh yes!' he moaned turning towards the wonderful smell and he began to lick over her thighs and towards the source of the breathtaking aroma.

It took every, last ounce of Amanda's strength not to scream out as her Daddy kissed and licked up her creamy thighs. 'Oh Daddy! It feels so good!' she whispered as she kissed his swollen cock head and she knew that it was time to please the man she loved. Amanda opened her mouth, took a deep breath and swallowed him whole.

'Oh mother fucker!' he growled his young dream girl sucked his cock completely in her warm mouth and down her silky, smooth throat. 'You're a damn good little cock sucker,' he laughed grabbing the back of her head and began to fuck her mouth as fast as he possibly could. 'Come on baby!' he growled louder, fucking Amanda's mouth hard and deep. He looked to her pussy and couldn't resist, he dove his mouth to her pussy and started kissing, licking and sucking it hard. 'You like it?' he asked hearing a loud moan come from someplace below him and at this particular time; he didn't give a shit where it came from.

Amanda sucked him as hard as she could, enjoying her Daddy's big, hard cock in her mouth, only wanting to please him. His tongue drove into her tiny pussy and she couldn't help but scream out. 'Oh Daddy, yes, yes!' she screamed as he tongue fucked her pussy. 'Fuck me! Oh yes, fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me!' Amanda moaned and he stopped. 'Oh no,' she moaned out lifting her head to see a shocked and painful look on his face. 'Please, let's keep doing it,' she begged reaching to hug him, but he pushed her back, jumped from the sofa and ran to his room.

His hands covered his face and he couldn't believe what had just happened. 'I was eating my baby's pussy and letting her suck my cock,' he said with hurt trying to figure all this out. He wanted her there was no doubt in his mind, but he wanted her to make the choice without drinking or any other outside influences to be involved in it. 'Please forgive me,' he whispered falling back on his bed, thinking of all the wonderful things that he and Amanda had shared over the years, hoping he hadn't ruined the love.

Amanda sat on the side of the sofa, in shock. 'How could you just stop something as wonderful as that?' she asked shaking her head in disbelief. 'I wanted to suck you off, Daddy,' she said putting out her lower lip, wondering if she'd be able to please herself ever again. She'd had her Daddy's big, beautiful cock in her mouth and down her throat and now, she needed it up her sizzling pussy.


He jumped from his sleep, grabbed his cock and ran down the hall as fast as he could to the bathroom. He pointed to the john and let loose a massive piss. 'Ahhhh,' he moaned as the warm piss flowed from his simi-hard cock like water from a fire hose. 'That was a close call,' he laughed remembering why he had to go so bad. 'All that fucking wine and not a single piss,' he said as the sound of it going into the bowl filled his ears and another thought filled his mind, Amanda sucking his cock.

'Oh fuck!' he moaned as hot blood rushed into his shaft so fast it hurt. 'Why couldn't you have waited until I was finished?' he laughed, leaning against the wall, thinking of his sexy young daughters' mouth wrapped tightly around his shaft. 'I should have let it go on,' he thought as visions of her lying before him filled his mind and again he was quickly carried away of dreams of her. 'Oh Amanda! Suck Daddy's cock. Suck it good baby. Suck Daddy!'

Amanda woke up and was sure she heard Daddy moaning. Fear raced through her thinking that something was wrong with him. She ran from her room and into the bathroom and saw him against the wall pissing away. But the one thing that caught her eye, he was so hard and moaning for her to suck his cock.

'I'm here, Daddy,' she whispered dropping to her knees and reached to hold his large, swollen cock. 'I'll make feel so good, Daddy,' she whispered again wanting to turn him on, but hoped he'd stay locked in his dream of her. She lived to please him as a daughter and now she wanted to please him as a lover.

He just leaned to the wall, not wanting the wonderful thoughts of her to leave his mind and when her soft voice filled his dream, he grew more. 'Yes baby. You always make me feel so good,' he replied caressing her long, brown hair. 'Hold Daddy tight! I want to feel you holding me close to you,' he moaned as her tiny hands squeezed him. 'That's my girl,' he moaned, wishing he'd hurry and finish his piss or was he really pissing?

'I'll make it all better.' Amanda whispered watching his hot stream at last ending. 'Finally!' she thought as she watched him squeeze out a few last squirts. 'Now I'm going to please my Daddy and there's no stopping this time,' she said in a firm voice as she moved in from of him, opened her mouth and took him down her throat.

'Oh baby!' he cried as he sank deep into her warm mouth and enjoyed the feel of her swallowing him deep in her throat. 'Oh baby girl! Suck Daddy! It's been so long since I came and when I do,' he paused to caress the sides of her face. 'The only way I can cum is to think of you,' he added and felt her sucking him harder, deeper until the base of his long cock was smashed against her mouth.

Amanda couldn't believe what he'd just said. She knew he always got hard after they hugged, but she'd never, ever thought of him jerking off while thinking of her. Now she wanted any and all dreams he had of her to come true and nothing was going to stop her this time. 'You fuck my mouth Daddy and I want you to cum,' she stopped long enough to say and quickly swallow him again and deeper than ever.

He heard her words and moved his hips in time with her glorious mouth. 'Oh my sweet baby!' he moaned enjoying her young, tender mouth wrapped so tightly around his cock. 'Suck it baby! Suck Daddy's cock,' he said holding the sides of her head as she sucked and he fucked her mouth as fast as he could move.

She was his to do anything he wanted to, even if it meant being nothing but his personal little fuck toy, she was his. 'Cum Daddy! Talk dirty to me, Daddy! I love being called nasty names too!' she whispered, jerking his cock as fast as she could move, hoping her words would help her Daddy cum. 'Cum in your baby girls mouth,' she whispered louder, not caring if the trance was broken or not and she downed him deeper.

He looked down, shock raced through him, but there was no way in hell he was going to stop Amanda this time. She was eighteen, a horny girl, all his and he planned on taking her up on anything and everything she wanted to give. 'Oh yes! Suck it you little cunt, suck your Daddy's big, fat cock!' he moaned watching his daughter eating his cock better than any woman he'd ever been with in his life. 'You're going to be my whore now,' he whispered and was sure she'd just came on the floor. 'You do like that dirty shit,' he smiled thinking of all the things he'd called her while jerking off.

'I'll be your whore, Daddy. Just please fuck me when I need it.' Amanda said looking up to, the man she'd loved her entire life and now an innocent love one turning in a new and wonderful direction.

He smiled to Amanda and pulled her up to his face. 'I'll do anything you need or want baby,' he said hugging her trembling body to his as he gently caressed over her ass and hips. 'Let's go to my room and do this right,' he smiled leading her back to his room.

She stood before him watching his eyes looking over her body and thought she would cum right where she stood. 'Please touch me or something,' she begged him with need in her soft voice, praying that he'd do something. She needed to suck him or have him fuck her, anything as long as it was soon.

'Is somebody horny?' he teased lying on the bed, looking at her shapely ass. 'You could take off those panties, move over here and finish sucking off Daddy's cock, while I eat your hot little pussy,' he said with a smile, watching her tear off the panties, practically jump on the bed and over him, shoving her pussy in is face. 'Damn, you horny bitch,' he laughed shoving his face into her pussy and began licking and sucking every inch of it.

'I'm Daddy's horny bitch,' she moaned sucking him into her mouth, enjoying his mouth sucking her pussy. 'Eat me, Daddy!' Amanda begged grinding her wet, excited pussy all over his face and she felt something nice. 'Oh Daddy!' she growled when his skilled tongue sank in her dripping, young pussy. 'Daddy! Yes! Oh yes!' Amanda cried sitting up on his face, smashing her pussy down on him, ramming his tongue deeper.

He held her hips as he drove his long tongue as far in her pussy as he could. She moved all around, back and fourth, side-to-side and any other way she could. Her moans filled his ears and quickly knew that he was doing it right.

'Oh Daddy! Yes! Yes!' Amanda cried as his tongue took her to places she could have never dreamt. 'Make me cum,' she purred rocking back and forth on his face, feeling his long tongue licking her inner pussy walls. 'I'm your whore, Daddy, make cum,' she moaned feeling a fire building deep in her pussy. 'Oh Daddy! I'm so close.' Amanda whimpered grabbing both her nipples and squeezed them as hard as she could. 'Daddy! Daddy!' she screamed out. The fire that had been in her pussy was now rushing through her veins, into her young heart and to her young brain. 'Daddy! Daddy!' Amanda screamed louder than before as she spread her legs, shoving her orgasming pussy on his face.

He held her tighter, licking her pussy faster and as deep as he possible could. 'Go baby,' he thought licking deep in her pussy, enjoying her muscles squeezing around his tongue. 'Come on baby girl,' he thought again caressing her ass, wishing he could whisper dirty things in her ears.

After a few minutes, Amanda lifted from him and fell flat on the bed. 'Damn! I'll be your whore after that,' she smiled cuddling next to him. 'Thank you, Daddy,' she whispered moving over him, grabbed his stiff cock and gently sat down. 'Oh my fucking God!' Amanda squealed as his long, hard cock sank deep into her pussy. 'Oh Daddy, it feels so good,' she trembled leaning to kiss him. 'You're in me, my Daddy is in me,' she added with tears of joy and love pouring from her pretty eyes and on his face.

'And I'm planning on being you all the time,' he said returning her kiss.

'You can fuck me anytime you want.'

'Oh really?'

'Oh yes! I want you up my hot, juicy cunt day and night.'

'You're a nasty mouth, little whore.'

'But, I'm your whore, Daddy.'

'Get that hot ass moving, bitch!'

'Ah yes! My Daddy's hard cock is up my cunt.'

'Daddy wants to cum in it too.'

'Oh fuck yes! Cum in me, Daddy!'

'Go you little cunt, whore! Talk dirty to me,' he grunted pushing his hips up to greet Amanda's pussy as she shoved down on him. 'Come on you fucking cunt! Fuck me!' he said in his fatherly voice that Amanda was sure to know he was ready to cum.

'Go!' she lifted her hips and quickly slammed back down on his cock. 'Fuck me! Fuck your daughter! Cum on you dirty motherfucker! Rape your daughter and cum in my cunt!' Amanda yelled out watching nothing but pleasure on his handsome face. 'Fuck you daughter,' she whispered moving her hips up and down. 'Fuck your baby girl,' she whispered again, but this time it was a voice sounded like a girl half her age.

'You're my good little girl.'

'Daddy, do I still get an ice cream for doing this?' Amanda said trying not to laugh because it sounded so good it even turned her on.

'Oh yes! My baby gets anything she wants for playing with her Daddy,' he grunted, grabbed her to his chest and his cock exploded in her body. 'Oh baby! Oh baby I love you so much,' he cried holding her as tight as he could, enjoying her hips still moving up and down as fast as she could move.

'Come on, Daddy! Cum in me,' she smiled watching his face and all the pleasure she was giving him. 'Come on Daddy, cum up your baby girls' little cunt!' Amanda said filling tears rolling off her face. 'Oh Daddy!' she froze, enjoying his cock deep in her cunt, him holding her in his arms and last but not least, her Daddy filling her cunt full of his seeds. The very same seeds that made her. 'Ahhhhh fuck!' Amanda cried as her body locked around her Daddy's hard cock. 'You made me cum,' she giggled leaning to give him a deep, loving kiss, wondering if she'd lucky enough to give him a child, just like her.





TBC with New Exciting stories soon.....
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Re: An Easy XXX Crime ?

Nice share bro, upz!
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