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Re: Great Bonks

Elanna + Emma 3p service.

you know when people complain, wah this comic book / manga woman porportions are unrealistic? Next time, tell these people to look at Emma. When I first saw her in a tiny tank top annd shorts, my first thought was like, this should be illegal. Somebody took a typical Singaporean girlís dressing and stuffed a sex doll into it. Emma has a super slim frame. Those tits would have look big on any girl. On her, it looks like some artist drew her after watching too much porn.

Overall service. Emma is a super hyper girl that's like up for anything. At one point, I think she tried to get me to choke her. Elanna is the reserved, sensual type but she has an extra service that feels out of character. Her boobs are huge as well.

I do not know how these 2 are besties. The only similarity these 2 have is 2 killer set of boobs. The service together is truly mind blowing. I've been in lots of 3ps. And it's a bit overrated. Usually, 1 of the girls is not that into it. But these 2 together are like mind blowing. Canít describe the service too well because my mind is a little hazy and legs are too wobbly.

If you have the money, donít miss it! It's one of the times the 3p is actually worth it.

Bodies 10/10
Service 10/10
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Re: Great Bonks

Tanya SNS

Looks: Long hair with almond-shaped face. Young and beautiful. She looks more young than photo posted.

Body: tall and slender, very sexy and nice figure, no tattoo and skin slightly more to darker shade and has a hot perky ass

Boob: C cup natural boobs. Nice soft and absolutely solid and her nipples are delightful to suck and play with. I simply can't get enough of those beautiful tits!

Frenching: She seemed to enjoy kissing and frenching... spent a lot of time kissing and frenching sensually, i really loved it, felt like a couple deep in love

BBBJ: possesses great technique in this area. Her blowjob is sloppy and wet, slow and sensual with good strong suction focusing equally on tip and shaft. Good tongue swirls mix with fast and furious deepthroat

Pussy: clean shaven and odorless type, eat her pussy till she get damn wet, shivers and moan when I kiss her inner thigh

Sex: Very responsive and wild in bed. We started off with cowgirl, quite SOP as they start after giving the awesome blowjob. Her grinding is power. Watching her ride me while I grab on those boobs of hers. Heaven. Don't want to waste time switching position, I want to hump her already so I pulled her down to me and continued in reverse missionary with her on top and fucked hard. Listening to her moans and heavy breathing beside my ear,

GFE: This gem GFE real high. Warm tender loving care. Service oriented attitude. Out to please you like a king. Serviced me well with no complaints.

RTF: confirm and maybe an overnight session with her.

Thanks SNS for bring such a good gem.
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Re: Great Bonks

Annie SNS

She is young and tall, have nice long hair and very good looking. Nice electrify eyes that can be easily charmed by her.

She have a slim figure and very fair skin. Some tattoo on it and her skin is incredibly smooth as i can feel the warm during skin to skin contact. Her hip was just nice with the right amount of meant. Her boob was natural and size was just nice. They're soft to the touch, nipples was sensitive and get erected when aroused.

Frenching was sweet, nice and good and it was powerful and fluent with passion and full of DFK and sword fight kind throughout the session filled will love.

Her pussy was nice wet and clean shaven with no odor. Can hear squishing sound when fucking her. Her pussy is sensitive too and during the foreplay she got really excited. Her horny reactions are damn turn on.

Her bbbj was fantastic. There is shaft licking that sends sensual tingles to your nerves along with tongue play on the crown. As the intensity build up, comes the power suction, deepthroat and lot of slurping effect.

She started off riding me aggressively by grinding back and forth while giving me the fuck me more look. So I obliged and grabbed her hips and made her grind even faster and harder to the point she was whining and moaning in pleasure and eventually collapsing on me. Switched to lotus and pounded her while she was losing it, then to missionary where she was just lost in pleasure. Oh, and she was also rubbing her clit to heighten the pleasure. What an erotic sight, went at it even harder till both of use cummed and surrendered

Give me the feeling of fucking my GF. We had a great time together as she is really experience in pleasing and satisfying guys.
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Re: Great Bonks

Y'all should stop posting fake reviews. Embarassing.
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Re: Great Bonks

Ririn Sunny Escort

My encounter:
She has the lusty and pretty looking, very chio to me.
She sure look much better than in the pic, wil not reject type.
Long hair, tall,slim and sexy, super good figure. Got the hour glass shape with a nice hot shapely ass.
She naughty after a few touch on her and she started stroking and gently kissing my neck then DFK and it got me super turn on and fully hard.

She caressed my dick while instantaneously giving a catbath all over my neck and upper body,slowly reaching towards my groin area. The come to BBBJ. BBBJ was very wet and good suction. Fast and slow tempo with good movement and can deep throat, can take face fucking as well. Very satisfying for me.

Pussy was small, clean with no smell and the trimmed type. She gets wet easily. Painted her relentlessly while she was on top of me until she legs gave way and she just dropped on me.

Next thing i know she capped me and we did a few position. she was very responsive and her moans were extremely hot. very solid bed skills, can go super hardcore and softcore also. Gave her a fast, hard and deep submissive pounding. She can position herself well and I could feel the maximum pleasure for her tight wet pussy and that make me cummed within a short wild. Solid bonking.

Very expressive and service oriented. She's like your fantasy porn star girlfriend come to life. Very very good mix of high GFE and PSE which I love.

Thanks Bro Sunny.
Time in Paradise is up. Looking forward to the next trip soon.
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Re: Great Bonks

FR for adriana from SNS

Looks: She looks stunning. She looks even better in person than her pictures in my opinion, which I found quite unbelievable. Definitely the kind that would turn heads.

Body: tall and slender with nice tight figure, small waist. Fair smooth skin. Looks good and yummy when she naked especially who the hot bouncy ass.

Boobs: They were the perfect size for my preference. C size and consider huge and able to fit nicely in the hands. Her nipples were quite sensitive and she seemed to enjoy having them stimulated.

Frenching: her french is crazy unforgettable, all out tongue fight, straight to war. She stuck her tongue in my mouth and I happily "ate" her up and returned the favor. Just the way I like it, no restraints.

Painting: She was clean shaven and there was no unusual smell whatsoever. She was quite sensitive there as well and her facial and body reactions seemed genuine. Her soft moans were also a huge turn on

BBBJ: can feel that her lips are super soft, slowly kissing the tip of my cock first and lick around my tip then go all the way down. Her suction is strong and momentum is fast. Never give change when i start groaning out abit, continue performing her wonderful mouth and tongue skills.

FJ: not gonna lie, she got pretty good bed skills, not those dead fish lying down and let you do all the work. She is a good moaner and she was responsive and able to try all position. No issue with long, deep and hard penetration.

GFE: Gao Gao type of mistress feel. I think kanna KC by her and almost forget home.

Sibei solid attitude. Very satisfied with the booking and with her service.
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