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Re: Massage near Farrer Park

Super lucky today, managed to catch JJ as she was between appointments. Didn't get contact from massageuncle, but did my own sleuthing to find her. Place can be easy to miss if you're not aware of its location. Close to Little India MRT so convenient for bros who take public transport. As mentioned, she is a late 40s MILF but quite well kept, huge knockers for days and her nips are small but long. Had a brief shower before that since the weather was really hot and was pleasantly surprised that she offered a cup of water before the massage. One side of the shower door was broken so may get some water splashing out. Water heater also starts off with a high burst of hot water so bros be careful not to scald yourself.

Massage was pretty decent, quite receptive to instruction and able to exert a good amount of strength as required. During the massage she would brush my ass crack on her long strokes down my back and after moving to the lower body would brush my ass crack and balls as she massaged my inner thighs and groin. At this point we were chatting quite casually when she started to intensify her efforts on my balls. From there started HDLY which was quite good, had to resist the urge to shoot as she would play with the head while stroking my balls and groin. After a decent amount of time she asked me to flip over and was offered full course which I decided to partake.

Before she stripped off her dress and lingerie, she switched off the aircon claiming she would be too cold. As she stripped off could see that she had a tummy bump which was not too big, didn't detract from her overall look and was actually a bit cute. After that she started off with some light B2B rubbing and I took turns munching on her nips during which time she had started her moaning. She then squatted over my head so I could tongue her clit and slit for a good while before moving into 69 position. Found it a bit tough to properly eat her out in the position but was able to finger her while she sucked me off. Start of the BBBJ had some light teeth contact which wasn't too distracting for me but some bros might be put off by it. She spent a good 5 minutes just sucking while I fingered her lovebox and teased her arsehole.

After that she dismounted and initially was going to let me do her raw in missionary, at which point I asked about condom. She proceeded to take out a plastic bag and upon seeing that, I decided to use my own. Initial entry was a bit slow as she felt tight to me. After stroking in and out of her a couple times, she started to attack my nips and actually managed to suck on them while I was ploughing her. Continued for a good 5 minutes in this position during which time she humped up against me quite vigorously which was pretty hot. Afterwards, I put her legs against my shoulders so I could pound her deeper. As I did so, I tried to kiss her and she straight away went for frenching which surprised me but I just went with it. She pretty much tried to touch my tonsils with her tongue. After another 10 minutes of this position she requested to change since she was getting a bit tired of keeping her legs up.

Moved to standing doggy position which allowed me to fondle her boobs while pounding from behind. After a couple of minutes, I requested her to rest her upper body on the massage table as her position was a bit high for me to maintain my rhythm as my legs were a bit uncomfortable. Did her from behind for another 10 minutes or so before I asked her to flip over back to missionary. Finished with me pounding her in missionary while standing beside the massage table as she attacked my nips once again. Was honestly surprised by the amount I came in the condom when I moved to remove it. Afterwards, she took a brief shower before I had my own. Finished up with some chit chat and another cup of water before I left well satisfied.

Massage: 7/10 (decent skill and attentive to your needs, would have been nice to have a longer massage though)
HDLY: 10/10 (almost came early from the head teasing)
BBBJ: 8/10 (good suction didn't complain about being sore)
FJ: 9/10 (freaking insane, went for like 30-35 minutes non-stop excluding the HDLY, only bad thing was she would use her phone to respond to customers briefly her and there but didn't detract too much from the experience, hence not a 10)
GFE: 8/10 (moaning, compliments on staying power, etc. only detriment was phone usage)
Overall experience: 9/10 (maybe it was just pure dumb luck but this experience was one of the best I ever had)
RTM/RTF: Yes, definitely would.

If you guys enjoyed this FR or found it helpful please do up my points. To respect massageuncle, please get the contact from him as I just chanced upon her. Bros should bring their own condom as she doesn't seem to have a proper one. Cheers and happy bonking!
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